Basic Bike Fit


Geared toward beginning cyclist looking to achieve more efficient position. Find proper seat height and setback, knee over pedal position, stem reach and stem height.

Competitive Bike Fit


For cyclists looking to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort. Improvements and recommendations for positional adjustments are offered. Aspects like seat position, bar position, basic cleat alignment, and individual pain or discomfort are examined, and solutions are presented.

Cleat Fit


Finds the appropriate position for all aspects of fit below the knees. Includes shoe fit, cleat fore/aft adjustment, cleat rotational adjustment, and stance assessment.


Modern bicycles are incredible high-tech wonders and a joy to ride. Yet it's very important to understand that how well any bike rides and how comfortable and efficient you are on it, depends entirely on how properly that bicycle fits you and how expertly it's adjusted to fit your body.

The size of the bicycle frame and its shape (called the "frame geometry") is vital. Plus, the adjustment of the seat, handlebars, and stem is equally, if not more important. Rainbow Bicycle offers two levels of bike fits, for both beginners and experts. The right fit can make a world of difference on your bike.

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Note: Make sure to bring your cycling outfit, bike shoes, pedals, and of course your bike to any scheduled fittings.